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Seychelles’ Independence Day 2022: celebration of July 2 in Rome, Italy

On the occasion of the annual “Seychelles’ Independence Day”, the baptism ceremony of the newborn “Seychelles – Italy Association” was held in Rome.

The Association has been created, on input from the Government of Seychelles, to connect Seychellois Citizens residing abroad with each other and with the Motherland.

The Association is also a vehicle for social, economic and cultural development, for the Country and for the Citizens themselves, who should become “promoters” of their Country.

The ceremony took place in the prestigious setting of the Basilica of San Saba in Rome. It opened with the guided visit of the historic Roman district of the Aventine, where the Basilica is located, managed by the Association and presented by Arch. Simona Perazzini.

A Mass was then held, officiated by the parish priest of San Saba, Father Sergio Cavicchia. After the Mass, he personally led those present for a guided visit of the complex, which is of extraordinary historical and archaeological importance and firstly settled on 700 A.C.

After the guided tour, there has been a speech. The Consul General Honorary of the Republic of Seychelles, Dott. Paolo Adelmann greeted those present. Mr. Lucio Spinelli, one of the founding members, presented the aims of the Association.

Afterwards, Ms. Monette Rose, former Director of the Seychelles Tourist Office in Rome, with competence for Italy and the Mediterranean basin, took stock of the situation of the most important industry in the Country and then passed the floor to Ms. Roberta D’Amato, of ITA Strategy, with Danielle Di Gianvito as Marketing Representative, who now holds the representation of the Seychelles Tourism Office in Rome for Italy.

In conclusion, the lawyer Valentina Iacono, presented the activities of the “Cooperative San Saturnino”, a partner of the “Seychelles- Italy Association”, which works for training people in various sectors, including work, anti-racism, protection of citizens’ rights, and it is financed with European Union funds, whose courses the Citizens can access without any cost.

We remind that the founding nucleus of the “Seychelles – Italy Association” is made up of Ms. Monette Rose, Mr. Alessandro Troisi, Mr. Paolo Bembo and Mr. Lucio Spinelli.

The evening ended with a buffet and Creole music. There were about 70 attendees.

July 2, 2022