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Closing Ceremony of the Seychelles’ biennial Honorary Consuls Conference 2022

A closing ceremony took place today to mark the end of the Honorary Consuls Conference at Savoy Resort & Spa.

The three-day symposium, based on the theme “Harnessing Opportunities through Diplomatic Relations”, explored opportunities to bring additional benefits in various areas of national importance to Seychelles.

Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Vivianne Fock Tave highlighted the key points of the conference. “The last three days have allowed us to reconnect in person as a group after four years to deliberate on many issues, share views and experiences with the aim of charting a way forward on how to harness opportunities through diplomatic relations.” She noted that the contribution during the meetings has enriched the vision of how to move forward whilst facing the post-COVID challenges and other international factors. Ambassador Fock Tave emphasized on the visit in the districts marking it as the highlight of the conference.

Addressing the Honorary Consuls and Honorary Consul General, Minister Radegonde reiterated the importance of their role in promoting Seychelles’ Foreign Policy and protecting the interest of the Seychellois people abroad. He also encouraged the consuls to liaise with the Seychelles embassies in their jurisdictions in order to maintain this network. He also sought their support toward advocating for the Multidimensional Vulnerability Index on international platforms for the benefit of Small Island Developing States, such as Seychelles. “I hope that through this conference, you would have understood this country better and what the new Administration is trying to do to take Seychelles forward.”

On behalf of the President of the Republic and Government of Seychelles, Minister Radegonde expressed his gratitude for all the work put in place to further Seychelles’ interest and officially declared the conference close.

It was also attended and moderated by the Seychelles Ambassadors and Senior Officials of the Foreign Affairs Department. A total of 72 Honorary Consuls, Consul Generals and Honorary Consul designated attended the aforementioned conference.

October 28, 2022