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Author: Paola Adelmann

Esteemed Seychelles artist George Camille holds its first solo exhibition in Rome

George Camille, owner of Art Café Kaz Zannanna, is holding his first solo exhibition ‘Seychelles My Soul’, in Rome, Italy from 9 until 30 June 2023.

The exhibition features over 40 artworks, curated by Gina Ingrassia. It is being exhibited in the heart of the Italian capital at the Pizza di Pietra Fine Art Gallery in Palazzo Ferrini-Cini. The inauguration of this evocative journey took place on June 8.

The exhibition is an ode to the beauty of a paradise land to be discovered, respected and protected: the Seychelles.

The exhibition is being promoted by Tourism Seychelles in Italy and George Camille Art Studio, and has been realised with the general coordination of Pandion Edizioni and Ms Inmagina with the participation of Comediarting.

The exhibition catalogue has been designed by Alessandro Troisi and published by Pandion Edizioni.

Etihad Airways and Four Seasons Hotel along with Natura e Cultura tour operator and Seychelles National Art Culture Fund are partners in this endeavour.

Mr Camille’s 40 art pieces on display evokes a sense of enchantment, wonder and inspiration which are the core pillars that make Seychelles a tourist island famed for its extraordinary beauty, unique biodiversity and ecosystems.

At the launch of the exhibition, Danielle Gianvito noted that “It is an honour and a great pleasure to be part of such an important project. This exhibition presents a unique opportunity to showcase the Seychelles islands in an unusual way”.

Mr Camille expressed his joy that he continues to trail blaze the art industry in Seychelles. “I feel privileged and it is almost surreal for my art to be exhibited in that space and to have the number of people come over to see it, not only for the opening night.”

He explained that the feedback he had personally received from the spectators was very positive and people really liked the work.

“The curator and gallery owner told me that they have never seen work like mine, it is very different to what they normally show,” he stated.

He mentioned the fact that it is a lot more exotic in terms of Art from Seychelles, the subject matter and the colour along with the concept of the work.

He was even personally requested to be present at the gallery itself as a lot of spectators wanted to see the artist behind the paintings.